Would you believe me?

What if I told you that not too long ago this badass South Africa Warrior Woman found herself consumed with and driven by anxiety, living her life confined by routine and comfort zones.

What if I told you she decided to leave her great corporate job to climb the highest mountains around the world, facing her fears head on.

What if I told you that she has turned her mountain passion into something so much bigger than her, by climbing for a cause that is changing the lives of countless underprivileged kids in South Africa.

Why live a life that is ordinary and safe when we are all capable of the EXTRAORDINARY!

All my growth happened on the other side of fear, so let fear be your compass guiding you forward. So, dive right into the thrilling, often uncertain, but my god exciting ride of an unlimited life. Push the boundaries defined by past bullshit ‘rules’ and show up bringing your own unfiltered uniqueness to create greater happiness, meaning and impact in the world.

Follow me on my crazy bold dream of kissing the summits of the highest mountain on each continent. Support me and get involved in the #JustClimb initiative, in aid of the Dlala Nje Foundation. Success for me has been the opportunity to give back to society where true satisfaction and meaning in my life has been derived from making a positive change.

The ‘Seven Summits’ are comprised of the highest mountains on each of the seven continents of the Earth.
From highest to lowest, they are:
  • 1. Asia: Mount Everest 29,035 feet (8850 meters)
  • 2. South America: Aconcagua 22,829 feet (6962 meters)
  • 3. North America: Mount Denali 20,320 feet (6194 meters)
  • 4. Africa: Kilimanjaro 19,340 feet (5895 meters)
  • 5. Europe: Mount Elbrus 18,510 feet (5642 meters)
  • 6. Antarctica: Vinson Massif 16,067 feet (4897 meters)
  • 7. Oceania: Carstensz Pyramid 16,023 feet (4884 meters)

* the order above does not necessarily equate to difficulty and technicality

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