The Journey…

In 2016 my life took a severe turn, crippled with depression and anxiety, reaching rock bottom, I knew there had to be another way. In that moment I turned to the mountains for inner resolve and found a peace and strength within myself that I never knew existed. I left the safety of my high-powered corporate job and started a Quest of inner exploration and expansion through climbing the tallest mountains around the world.

Reaching that formidable peak, I am always moved with a deep feeling self-acceptance.  The Mountains showed me light when all I could see was overwhelming darkness. Their unconditional love empowers me to truly live a freer life, their innate wisdom guides me to be the best version of me I could possibly be. I have watched myself accomplish feats that I previously thought impossible but true transformation began the moment I started believing in myself, my worth and what I was capable of.

You know, at the end of the day, the summit is for the ego, but the journey, the journey is for the soul. And it’s that soul food in life that makes everything worthwhile.

Be Magnificent. Be Inspired. BE YOU!

All my growth happened on the other side of fear, so let fear be your compass guiding you forward. So, dive right into the thrilling, often uncertain, but my god exciting ride of an unlimited life. Push the boundaries defined by societal ‘rules’ and show up bringing your own unfiltered uniqueness to create greater happiness, meaning and impact in the world.

Follow me on my journey of kissing the summits of the highest mountains around the world and support a cause so much greater by getting involved in the #JustClimb initiative, in aid of the Dlala Nje Foundation in South Africa. Their Children’s Community Centre provides disadvantaged kids with a safe place to learn, grow and awaken their own unique passions. A place where talent is nurtured and confidence is built.

The ‘Seven Summits’ are comprised of the highest mountains on each of the seven continents of the Earth.
From highest to lowest, they are:
  • 1. Asia: Mount Everest 29,035 feet (8850 meters)
  • 2. South America: Aconcagua 22,829 feet (6962 meters)
  • 3. North America: Mount Denali 20,320 feet (6194 meters)
  • 4. Africa: Kilimanjaro 19,340 feet (5895 meters)
  • 5. Europe: Mount Elbrus 18,510 feet (5642 meters)
  • 6. Antarctica: Vinson Massif 16,067 feet (4897 meters)
  • 7. Australia: Mount Kosciuszko 7,310 feet (2228 meters)

* the order above does not necessarily equate to difficulty and technicality

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