My name is Remy and I am on a mission to live a life of adventure, joy and impact.
A life where I am fuelled by happiness, wellness and vitality.

Born in the culturally rich and nature infused city of Cape Town, South Africa, to a German father, South African mother, soon to be added British step- father and later a German step- mother. I was exposed to global adventures from a young age and for that I am forever grateful for. However, growing up in a complicated family dynamic came with its struggles, I often felt invisible and unheard.

I was diagnosed with depression in my final year of school. The darkness that clouded my head consumed every fibre of my being and self-sabotage seemed like my only way out.

Depression is like wanting to scream out for help but having no voice.
It is like being trapped in a dark suffocating hole, gasping for air.
The blurred world passed by, nothing made sense.
Burning tears would flood my tired eyes as I yearned for inner resolve.
Broken and confused, I longed to stand up on my feet again.

But with the support of my family, the right help and years of medication I managed to crawl my way out of that darkness however it was now anxiety that stepped up to take on the role of that crippling conductor, dictating my actions, my emotions and my feelings. Holding me back from being the most authentic version of me I so longed to be.

From spending my childhood and young adult years living in the suburbs of Cape Town, to living and working in London, to returning to South Africa, and starting a new chapter, a high-profile corporate job. A business career which would see me living and working in the electric and buzzing city of Johannesburg.

I had an energetic and inspiring group of friends, a beautiful home and a great job. However, the overwhelming levels of anxiety still seemed to control me. The routine I had established proved as a false sense of security and it wasn’t allowing me to fully let go of my past and allow myself to be authentically me. I felt like a fraud.

Burning deep down inside of me, I had this knowing that I needed a change, despite on the surface living a seemingly happy life. A change so big and challenging that it would push me to dig deep into my reserves and truly discover my own inner strength and what I was capable of. A change that would allow me to break down into the rawest and more authentic version of me.

So, I resigned and packed up my life in Johannesburg and decided to solo adventure travel around the world, step into the unknown and tackle my anxiety head on. From walking an 800km pilgrimage through Spain, to taking myself to Russia to climb the highest mountain in Europe, the adventures were big and life changing. If the uncertainty of solo travel wasn’t enough to process, I decided to continue my journey of summiting the highest mountains around the world, all for a cause much bigger than me- my 7 Summits Quest!!

I believe we all have a powerful and brave warrior inside of us all, ready to be unleashed and capable of accomplishing the extraordinary. Why not use this strength and courage to shape the life you want to create?

Are you ready to tackle life full on warrior style?

Are you ready to step into the most authentic, best and bravest version of yourself?

Join me as I help you discover your own strength, courage and true power, all while living a balanced and healthy life!
You are extraordinary, it’s time to show up in the name of this life game and live a life filled with passion and purpose!

Are you ready?


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