Remy Kloos is an individual whose life story embodies the essence of human resilience and self-discovery. Her journey is characterized by her noteworthy achievements, such as becoming the first South African to summit Mount Everest and Mt Lhotse back-to-back within 24 hours, the highest and fourth highest mountains in the world. Her remarkable accomplishment of being the first South African woman to summit Mount Lhotse reflects her steadfast determination and pioneering spirit.

In her own words, Remy encourages us to transcend societal boundaries and norms, urging us to embrace our unique and audacious dreams, regardless of gender or age. Her story is a testament to the boundless human spirit and the profound impact that can be achieved when we believe in ourselves and our capabilities.

She inspires her audiences with thought provoking stories and meaningful lessons learnt from her high-altitude endeavours. She challenges her audience to shift their perspectives all whilst providing some powerful insights behind willpower, courage, teamwork, grit and grace. Remy’s raw, real, heartfelt and interactive presentations move audiences to relate to the extreme highs and lows of climbing the tallest mountains around the world.

Audiences of all ages, from business professionals to teens, are drawn to Remy for her authenticity, passion, and value-driven teachings. Her epic adventure stories, boundless enthusiasm, and positive outlook on life resonate universally. With a captivating, wise, and humour-infused approach, Remy’s mission is to empower and inspire everyone in her audience, leaving them with an ignited spark of adventure.

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