Meet Remy

Remy Kloos is a high-altitude mountaineer, mindset coach, humanitarian and professional speaker. On track to be the youngest African to scale the infamous 7 summits, she is not only a positive role model to women and youth but all those who wish to challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zones to pursue what sets their souls on fire.

After suffering through years of debilitating depression and crippling levels of anxiety, at an all time and in a bid to search for inner resolve she turned to high- altitude mountaineering. Mountains have become her greatest classroom for learning. Remy inspires her audiences with thought provoking stories and meaningful lessons learnt from her high-altitude endeavours. She challenges her audience to shift their perspectives all whilst providing some powerful insights behind willpower, courage, teamwork, grit and grace. Remy’s raw, real, heartfelt and interactive presentations move audiences to relate to the extreme highs and lows of climbing the tallest mountains around the world.

Teens and young adults love her epic adventure stories, endless enthusiasm and her positive outlook on life. Business professionals, adults and advisers love her authenticity, passion and value-driven teachings. Captivating, wise, with a super sense of humour, Remy’s mission is to ensure her audiences walk away feeling empowered and inspired with an ignited spark of adventure.